Dear reader


Wow! SPOOKY OCTOBER is here!… though Halloween is on the 31st, here at Cleverboy we like to celebrate THE SPOOK all October!. For those of you who don’t know what SPOOKY OCTOBER is, let us explain. The rules of SPOOKY OCTOBER are simple… HORROR, HORROR, THRILLERS…and more HORROR! For the full month of October, you can’t watch ANYTHING but scary movies, shows, documentaries, or cartoons. This is the perfect time to catch up on any horror books you’ve been interested in. Also, when it comes to any scary shows…the rule is that every intro HAS TO BE WATCHED. We find that a good scary intro helps keep the mood alive after every episode. If your watching a movie series..its best to start from number one. By the time the 31st comes around, you will have your fill of horror!…by that time we just want to be happy we made it through lol. 


Feel free to tell us about any scary activities you’ll be participating in during this years SPOOK!…and don’t forget to check out our exclusive SPOOK  gear!





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