Dear reader, 


The Classic Holiday Season is here! I know, you might be wondering what that means. Let us explain..Starting on November 20th and ending December 25th, the Classic Holiday Season is a time to CELEBRATE LOVE!!! Love comes in many shapes and sizes, and for us here at Cleverboy we accept all forms. Take this time of year to focus on all the things that lead to love and peace between yourself and others. Whether you spend a weekend in your favorite pajamas, or spend your Friday night at your nearest homeless shelter…either one works. Though your free to choose your methods of love delivery, there are some rules. At anytime during this holiday you MUST watch a romance comedy, or any other artistic medium that pushes the thought of love to the forefront. It is also encouraged to focus your musical ears towards the love embodied sounds we obsess over so much. Feel free to share with us your favorite love movies, music, art etc. We also want to read as many love poems as possible, so please send them in! we might put some on our page ❤️


Thank you, 


Cleverboy LLC